Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spooked by debilitating fatigue, excruciating pain, relentless insomnia

Another patient returned to the clinic this week reporting huge improvements in their health! This patient had been dealing with debilitating fatigue, excruciating pain, and relentless insomnia for over 10 years. It had handicapped their life affecting their job, their family, and their zest for living. The patient had been to multiple different doctors including GI specialists, rheumatologists, and psychiatrists. They tried many different treatment options, but always with little change.

We put great focus on making sure to have regular meals with adequate protein to build the amino acid levels in the brain.  We put great emphasis on the power of the brain to affect physical symptoms - especially how former traumas can create pain reflexes between the brain and the body. 

Over the last several months we have seen this patient multiple times with positive improvements slowly but surely taking hold. Finally, today, the patient was all smiles. They had finally made it over the hump - they are reporting only mild levels of pain now. Energy is the best it has been in 10 years and they are finally sleeping with little interruption through the night.  They feel they finally have a new lease on life!

We commonly see patients who have been everywhere and tried everything and feel that getting well is completely hopeless. It is so rewarding to see the healing power of Nature in such cases as these. Call our office and get your signed copy of Nature's Diet to learn how to heal the body with nutrition.   

Be Well!


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  1. Thanks for the encouraging testimony. Keep up the good work.